H8173 שָׁעַע
shut, cry, dandle, cry out, play, delight
Taal: Hebreeuws


Komt 9x voor in 2 Bijbelboeken.

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Brown-Driver-Briggs Abridged Hebrew Lexicon

[שָׁעַע] vb. Pilp., etc., sport, take delight in, delight Pilp. the suckling shall sport on the cobra’s hole Palp. upon the knees shall ye be fondled. Hithpalp. in thy statutes will I delight myself

Strong Concise Dictionary Of The Words In The Hebrew Bible

H8173 שָׁעַע shâʻaʻ; a primitive root; (in a good acceptation) to look upon (with complacency), i.e. fondle, please or amuse (self); (in a bad one) to look about (in dismay), i.e. stare — cry (out) (by confusion with 7768), dandle, delight (self), play, shut.

Synoniemen en afgeleide woorden

Hebreeuws שָׁוַע H7768 "cried, aloud, cry out, shout"; Hebreeuws שַׁעְשֻׁעַ H8191 "pleasant, delight";



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