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Bijgewerkte versie van de Pentateuch

F.1 Col.1

 (...) the anointed priest upon whose head has been poured   the anointing oil ... and he shall offer a bull of the  herd and a ram(...) for the Urim.


and your Urim. And it (the cloud?) shall come forth with him, with tongues of fire. The left-hand stone which is upon its left side shall be uncovered before the whole congregation until the priests finishes speaking. And after the cloud has been lifted (...) And you shall keep (...) and the prophet has spoken to you.


according to this entire commandment. And if the Leader of the whole nation is in the camp or (if ...) his enemy and Israel with him, or if they march on a city to throw up a siege against it, or in respect to any matter which (...) to the Leader (...) the field is far (...)


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