Historical Commentary on the Old Testament


This HCOT volume provides a new translation of the book of Haggai, presenting the text in poetic format accompanied by a precise structural analysis that is based upon strict criteria of Unit Delimitation. It also provides a comprehensive overview of the history of interpretation pertaining to the book of Haggai. The commentary offers a detailed verse by verse exegetical discussion, including textual, grammatical, philological, historical, inter-textual, and theological considerations - especially in the context of the Book of the Twelve. Many details of this temple-building narrative from restoration era Judah are illumined by means of comparison with other ancient Near Eastern texts. Particular attention is given to the alignment of the oracles in Haggai with three festive days. In the standard format of the HCOT series, the author presents this material with introductions that are aimed at all readers, followed by more detailed exegetical treatments and scholarly discussions that incorporate a wealth of information from various disciplines.


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Titel Haggai Historical Commentary on the Old Testament
Auteur W.T. Koopmans
Uitgever Peeters Publishers
Jaar Verschenen 2017
Taal en
Pagina's pp. 368
Onderwerp Haggai (boek)


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